Plexi Newel Models with Aluminum Accessories

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Eloksal color options are standard for plexi newel and plexi balustrade models, also can be manufactured inalternative colors in custom orders, apart from 4 different coating color options.

All Dulda Plexi Handrail models are guaranteed for 5 years. Plexi product manufacturing is made by using first class Japanese Sumipex raw material.

Each of our Plexi Newel models has a special design and is registered and patented by Dulda.
Product diameters vary between 38 mm. and 120 mm. , while the product height is 120 cm as standard.

Dulda plexi newel models have high corrosion resistance against UV rays and alcohol – solvent based chemicals.
The first grade Sumipex brand raw material is used in all plexy newel manufacturing, and the guarantee period is 5 years.

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