Dulda Stair Systems Product Catalogue..

Plexi Handrail Products with Aluminum AccessoriesIn our facilities with a closed area of 2.000 m², you can access the details about our stair railing system products which we have produced in three different categories as registered designs / rich color options, plexy newel, balustrade and accessories, from the links below.

Alüminyum Pleksi Baba Modelelri
Plexi Newel Models

Plexy newel models with unusual designs and aluminum accessories produced with superior Dulda technology.

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Alüminyum Pleksi Dikme Modelleri
Plexi Balustrade Models

Special design and plexy balustrade models with aluminum accessories, which is the product of the R&D process.

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Pleksi Yandan Montaj Aksesuarları
Plexi Handrail Accessories

Our plexi handrail models with special design and rich color options with aluminum accessories.

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Why Dulda Plexi Handrail?

Dulda is the industry leader in industry trends and norms in the production of plexi stair handrail systems with hundreds of patented products that export to more than 25 countries, nationally own R&D and design.

Today, interior designs of thousands of building projects are adorned with the products of the Dulda stair handrail system, which includes plexi balustrades or plexi newel models with aluminum accessories.

Plexi Handrail Product Properties
  • Dulda plexi models have high corrosion resistance against UV rays and alcohol – solvent based chemicals.
  • Plexi products are offered in rich options of color, model and accessories, which are manufactured taking weight, corrosion resistance, cost and ease of application into consideration in R&D and planning processes.
  • The first grade Sumipex brand raw material is used in all plexi newel manufacturing, and the guarantee period is 5 years.

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