Dulda Stair Systems Product Catalogue

Alüminyum Pleksi Baba Modelelri
Aluminum Plexi Newels

Plexi newel models with unusual designs and aluminum accessories produced with superior Dulda technology.

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Alüminyum Pleksi Dikme Modelleri
Aluminum Plexi Balustrades

Our aluminum plexi balustrade models with accesories, final product of custom design and R&D process.

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Paslanmaz Aksesuarlı Pleksi Korkuluk
Stainless Plexi Handrails

Our plexi handrail models with accesories, with custom design and high corrosion resistance.

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manufacturingClick on the manufacturing title for a list of informations about our aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass handrails and our plexi / acrylic rod manufacturing depending on other industries’ necessities.

Plexi Handrail Manufacturing

Plexi (plexiglass) handrail manufacturing, plexi handrail, villa / terrace handrail; indoor – outdoor handrail manufacturing.

Plexi Newel and Balustrade Manufacturing

Aluminum plexi stair system manufacturing; colored, transparent, bubbly, coated plexi (plexiglass) balustrade and plexi newel manufacturing.

Plexi / Acrylic Rod Manufacturing

The manufacturing of plexi / acrylic rod is held in our plexiglass extrusion plant for the following sectors; building / construction, furniture, lighting products and/or components.

Plexi Cap and Baluster Inter Manufacturing

Manufacturing of plexi cap and baluster inter manufacturing in different colors and functions, with stainless or aluminum accesories that are components of plexi handrails.

Stainless Plexi Handrail Manufacturing

Stainless and gold accessoried plexi (balustrade) stair handrail manufacturing, first class stainless steel, transparent, colored and custom design plexi component manufacturing.

Brass and Copper Plexi Handrail Manufacturing

Taking a look at manufacturing page will be enough for brass & copper accessoried plexi manufacturing, technical properties and images.

Pioneer and first in the sector,
Original and proprietary designs.


m² closed area


tons / day capacity


Export to 25 countries


years of warranty

Who are we?Dulda, which is the first and pioneer in its field, has a capacity of 2.000 m² closed and 1.000 m² open area with a production capacity of 4 tons per day and exports to 25 countries with its own original design and product models and continuously develops new products with R&D department. Products supplied to the market with 5 year warranty have high corrosion resistance against UV rays and alcohol - solvent based chemicals.

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