Stainless Accessoried Plexi Handrail Models

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Eloksal color options are standard for plexi newel and plexi balustrade models, also can be manufactured inalternative colors in custom orders, apart from 4 different coating color options.

All Dulda Plexi Handrail models are guaranteed for 5 years. Plexi product manufacturing is made by using first class Japanese Sumipex raw material.

Stainless Accessoried Plexi Balustrades

Dulda has been producing stainless plexy handrails, stainless accessoried plexy balustrade production which synthesizes the proprietary plexy product models of its own design and the machines equipped with advanced technology automation which are used in the factory continuously and renewing, innovative approaches with total quality management philosophy, is the industry leader and leader of the sector.

  • All stainless plexy handrail models are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Dulda exports stainless accessoried plexy balustrades to 25 countries in total.
Common Properties of Stainless Plexi Handrail Products
  • The first class Japanese Sumipex brand raw material is used in all plexy production.
  • Plexy products are supplied to the market with rich color, model and accessory options and are manufactured in consideration of weight, corrosion resistance, cost and application practice in R&D and production planning stage.
  • Our stainless steel accessory plexy handrails have high corrosion resistance against UV rays and alcohol-solvent based chemicals and function for many years without any deformation in terms of aesthetic appearance.

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